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Pishgaman Parseh Publishing Institute

This institute is proud to work with professors and selected top passers of residency exams. We serve dear dental students in every course with full color educational books, test questions, exams of previous years, theoretical and clinical educational videos. We have been able to make a great contribution to the education of our country’s dentists by holding specialized practical courses. We try to provide the best virtual training to the audience by using the Internet and the efficiency of special mobile and Windows software. We are always trying to increase the educational and scientific level of the audience with the latest technologies. The result of this effort has been the highest acceptance statistics of the country in the assistantship exam. PARSEH are always leading ..

We wish you success.

Unit 15
۳th Floor, No.3,
Molla Sadra Street,
Vanak Sq.,Tehran,Iran
Postal Code: 1991945381
EMAIL: Info@dparseh.ir